iPhone 5s Resell Tips: Sell Your iPhone 5s with Ease

If you have an iPhone 5s that you want to sell, you most definitely need iPhone 5s resell tips. Perhaps, you are thinking about upgrading to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s Plus. May be you do not have the money required for this upgrade and the only option that you have is to resell your old device to raise money for buying the newest iPhone model. Many people prefer selling their used iPhones at the best places so that they can raise money for buying the latest iPhone models. Since Apple releases new iPhone models every year, it is important that you learn tips that will enable you to resell your used iPhone 5s faster. With these tips, selling a used iPhone 5s becomes simple, fun and quick.

Know when it is the right time to sell iPhone 5s

The best time to sell your iPhone 5s is basically weeks before Apple announces the release of its latest iPhone version. This means that now is the right time to resell your iPhone 5s instead of waiting for Apple to announce the release of its latest iPhone. Many iPhone resale experts agree that the best time to sell any used iPhone is weeks before Apple announces the launch of its new iPhone. Thus, right now is the best time to sell your used iPhone.

Know the status of your iPhone 5s

Now that you know the right time for selling your used iPhone 5s, it is important that you know the status of your device. The price at which you can sell iPhone 5s will largely be determined by the status of your device. If your  broken iPhone, it will fetch a higher price in the market.Thus, you will sell your iPhone 5s faster and at a higher price.

Backup your handset

Your iPhone 5s is like part of you. It has a lot of personal information that you would not want another person to access. Such information includes personal photos, videos, text messages and contacts. It is important that you backup that data before you sell your handset. Once you create a backup for your data, erase it from the handset to ensure that the new device owner will not have access to it.

Package your iPhone 5s properly

You know that looks sell. To sell your iPhone 5s faster, package your device properly in the original packaging box that it came with. Include all accessories in the package including data cables, charger and headphones among others. Also take clear photos of the iPhone and accompany them with an impressive description. This will tell prospective buyers more about the device that they are about to spend money on.

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